Stay on Top of Things with XNSPY

XNSPY is a mobile phone monitoring app that lets you keep track of kids, employees and loved ones. With XNSPY, you stay on top of things by remotely monitoring both mobile phones and tablets.

Always locate your kids

Monitor Your Children’s Activities

Unlike it was the case a while back, kids now have access to mobile phones and tablets which they use for all manner of things. Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp and SMS are modes used by kids to keep in touch and organize events. Unfortunately, the same things that were designed to improve the way we communicate are the same things bad people use to harm the children. Cyber bullying, online harassment and predating are just some of the risks children face when they access the internet. With XNSPY, you can easily monitor activities and protect those that you love.

Monitor Employee Activities

With XNSPY, you can easily keep an eye on employees to ensure they remain productive while at work. You can keep track of their work phones to check who they talk to and the websites they visit to see whether they are wasting time or giving out company information.

Benefits of XNSPY

Easy Setup

XNSPY requires no jailbreak or rooting. Without the need to jailbreak, this app becomes easy to setup on target phones. For iPhone and for Android operating systems, you can download and install XNSPY from the website owned by the manufacturers. From there, you can learn more about the application and how to improve your experience using it.


With XNSPY, you won’t have to worry about exposure since it won’t show in the list of installed applications. You can also monitor activities remotely and get alerts at any time, day or night.


XNSPY supports both IOS and Android devices. iPhone and Android apps come with an easy to use interface that will enhance your experience using the app.


Compared to other spy apps, XNSPY is more affordable, more advanced and more convenient. In addition to the low price, you get to enjoy a demo version of the app before you can upgrade to the full version. This way, you get to try the app, only investing more money on it once you are sure it is right for you.

Track GPS Location, Emails, and Record Phone Calls

The possibilities are endless with XNSPY. In addition to monitoring online activities, this app lets you track the whereabouts of the target phone through GPS, helping you understand what your employees and kids are up to. By recording phone calls, you can play back calls to know exactly what people are engaging in.

24/7 Alerts

XNSPY allows you the opportunity to check activities on target devices remotely, anywhere and at any time. You can set alerts on target keywords you want to track and get notified whenever related information is shared. With the right keywords set up, you won’t necessarily have to stay online as the app will only send you alerts when something fishy comes up.

Be sure to read reviews on this app to understand what others have to say about it before investing your time and money.┬áIf more than one review talks positively on it, then you’ll have an easier time making informed decisions.

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